Dear visitors, now that you have decide to visit the EUROCON 2019 conference and the beautiful city of Novi Sad let us help you with a few basic information on how to get to Novi Sad and the conference venue.
Please don’t forget to check if you need visa to enter the Republic of Serbia (you can find more information here).
Novi Sad can be found on the cross-roads where the cultures of the East and the West meet. This means that Novi Sad, located right off the E75 European A1 (E75) highway route, is very well connected to a significant number of European metropolitan areas by railway infrastructure or bus transportation. If you have chosen one of these transportation methods you have a direct link with Novi Sad and we can’t wait to see you in Novi Sad at the EUROCON 2019 conference. For you we have prepared a special section regarding the most important local information that might be useful during your stay.
If you have decided to use airplane transportation the closest airport to Novi Sad is Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG) in Belgrade (, located approx. 70 km (35 mile) from the city of Novi Sad.


Transfer from Belgrade Airport to Novi Sad

In order to transfer from the Airport to Novi Sad there are several options available for you. Currently, there is no public transportation from the Airport to Novi Sad (only to Belgrade city). We suggest using one of the following three options and arrange your transfer in advance:
     1. Private airport transfer company, or
     2. Rent-a-car, or
     3. Public transportation to Belgrade.

Private airport transfer company

There are several local private companies that can provide you with the service of every-day transportation to and from the Airport. This is a door-to-door transfer (to the desired address in and from Novi Sad), with the professional drivers and different class vehicles (cars, minivans, buses). You can rent a vehicle with a professional driver at the time convenient for you (considering your arrival or departure time) for a private or shared transportation (you can share it with your colleagues). For this type of transportation we can suggest the following companies:
     1. Autoturist-NS Offers the vehicles for up to 3 persons with the price of 4500 RSD (approx. 40 EUR). The price is given per vehicle for one-way trip. The reservation can be made online at
     2. KI-KI Offers the vehicles for up to 4 persons with the price of 5000 RSD (approx. 45 EUR). The price is given per vehicle for one-way trip. The reservation can be made online at

Please note that more information and options for this transportation is available at the company’s website.

Rent-a-car services

At the airport there are several international rent-a-car services available for you to use if you chose this way of transportation. We can suggest using one of the following rent-a-car companies:
     1. Europcar Offers a significant number of various class vehicles that can be reserved online at
     2. Sixt Offers a significant number of various class vehicles that can be reserved online at

Please note that both of the companies offer you the possibility to return the car in Novi Sad upon your arrival, however it is subjected to an additional charge of approx. 40 EUR. Additionally, if you want to use Rent-a-car service you have to have a valid driver’s license that is acceptable in the Republic of Serbia. Furthermore, in order to use this service you have to poses valid credit card for the deposit payment at the site where you pick up the vehicle (depends on the vehicle class). The deposit returns once the vehicle is safely returned to the company.
Please note that extra charges may apply for special features and in some cases in case of young drivers (younger than 24).

Public transportation to Belgrade

From the Airport there is also the option of taking public transportation to the Belgrade Bus station from where you can arrange bus transportation to Novi Sad. If you decide to take this route we suggest that you take the public Bus line 72 at the Airport to Zeleni venac. This line should take you approx. 500 m from the main Belgrade Bus station ( The one way ticket costs 89 RSD (approx. 0.8 EUR) at the corner shop or 150 RSD (1.3 EUR) in the bus. The driving time to Belgrade is approx. 30-40 minutes.
Once you arrive at the Belgrade Bus station you can find a bus to Novi Sad on every half hour. We suggest taking a direct bus (that is taking the A1 highway) since the commute time is the fastest (approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes). The ticket prices is approx. 850 RSD (approx. 7 EUR).
NOTICE: There is also a possibility of using taxi service for the transportation to Belgrade. However, if you chose this method of transportation please always use the registered taxi services (available on: We urge you to always check the price of your trip before you sit in the taxi and agree on the trip. The price for one way trip from the airport to Belgrade Bus station is approx. 1600 RSD (approx. 14 EUR) in the daily tariff and approx. 2000 RSD (approx. 17 EUR) in the night tariff.